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Jack E. Allison, Jr., US Air Force; Vietnam War; 1969 - 1991 (?)

Richard Earl Lehnherr Richard Earl Lehnherr, US Air Force, Bomb-Navigation Technician; 3270th(ATC); Keesler(ATC); Lowry(ATC); 93rd Bomb Wing(SAC), 93rd AMS; 635th Bomb Wing(SAC), 4258th AMS; Hq 22nd CSG(SAC), 22nd AMS; Hq 2nd CSG(SAC), 2nd AMS; HQ 635th CSG, 307th AMS. Foreign Service includes two years in Thailand and 18 months on Guam, 7 DEC 67 – 9 DEC 74




Robert Earl Lehnherr, US Army and USAF; 110th Ordnance Company, MM of the 35th Infantry Division; and flew 51 missions as a bombardier on B-24 aircraft with the 512th Bombardment Squadron, 376th Bombardment Group, 47th Bombardment Wing, 15th Air Force in the United States Army Air Force; WW II & Korean War; 23 DEC 1940 - 30 APR 1961.

Robert Earl Lehnherr, 1961
Robert Earl Lehnherr, 1961

Robert Wallace Lehnherr, US Air Force; 1963-1970 with foreign service in Japan.


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