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August Oscar Lehnherr, Enlisted in US Army 23 MAY 1917 and was discharged 17 MAY 1919 at Camp Grant IL. His unit was Co H 127th Infantry Regiment.

James Robert Lehnherr James Robert Lehnherr, US Army; Korean War; 1951 - 1953.
Jerry Lehnherr

Gerald "Jerry" Frederick Lehnherr. A company, 44th Army Engineers, Broken Heart Battalion. This unit is still in South Korea, near the DMZ. Jerry was involved in the invasion at Inchon, South Korea.

Jerry has been back to Korea several times four times. He and his wife, Jean, goes to his army reunion every spring. In 2001, they attended the reunion in Titusville, FL. For more information on Korean War veterans, visit the Korean War Project.








June Lodeen Lehnherr, US Army; WW I; 128th Machine Gun Battalion, 69th Infantry Brigade, 35th Infantry Division.

This is my father in his WW I Army uniform complete with breeches and wrap leggings.  It was taken in 1928.  Every Memorial Day and Armistice Day in those years he would put on his uniform and pose for a picture in front of a stretched, and hanging Olive Drab wool Army blanket. 

Memories by Bob Lehnherr.


June Lodeen Lehnherr

Virgil Dennis Lehnherr VIRGIL DENNIS LEHNHERR, Enlisted in 'D' Battery, 130th Field Artillery, 35th Division, on 27 DEC 1921. He rose to the rank of 1st Sergeant of 'D' Battery, which was subsequently called into active federal service on 23 DEC 1940. In 1942 he was transferred to the US Army Air Force, and continued to serve his country until retirement with rank of First Sergeant on 18 OCT 1948. He was affectionately known as "Pop" by all who "soldiered" under him.

Bernell Clark Tucker, US Army S/Sgt; WW II; 1943 - 13 Feb 1946.

Farran Jay Wallace, US Army.

Harland George Watrud, US Army Air Corps; WW II; 6 JAN 1943 - 17 JAN 1944.

Calvin Willard Zimbelman, US Army; WW II; 7 DEC 1944 - 14 NOV 1946.

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